Photo by Skidmore Dance

Save Your Apologies Until The End

This performance was developed through an independent study facilitated by Dance Lecturer Erika Pujič. I choreographed the piece in response to society’s expectation for women to always apologize when taking up space or expressing an opinion. Utilizing artistic research and personal and shared experiences with my cast, Save Your Apologies Until The End reevaluates and remodels the commonality of the phrase “I’m sorry.”
Premiered March 2024 at the Tang Teaching Museum’s Wachenheim Gallery. 

It Lasts Longer

It Lasts Longer is a six-minute piece choreographed as a final project for my Choreography II class. The piece explores the theme of community rooted in collective chaos and dysfunction.
The piece premiered in November of 2022 at Skidmore College’s Dance Theater and was invited to perform again in Skidmore Dance Department’s Celebration Weekend Concert in October 2023.