BusiNess Projects

Franklin Square Market (2023)

For this project, I worked with a group of my peers to create a brand positioning and strategy for Franklin Square Market in Saratoga Springs, NY. We researched industry insights, visited the store and talked with staff, indentifed competitiors, and created a tagline and creative visuals that portrayed our strategy. For our strategy, we wanted to emphasize the immersive and enjoyable shopping experience Franklin Square Market has to offer. With this in mind, we come up with the tagline “Fresh Finds and Fun Times!”. We presented our research and strategy for the sales manager of Franklin Square Market, Kristi Kempf, and two branding experts. Overall, this project gave me real world experience on branding and marketing an established business. 

MyBacon (2023)

Similarly to my project for Franklin Square Market, I worked with a team to brand and position MyBacon, a meatless, mycellium-based bacon alternative. We had a Q&A with MyBacon CMO, Sarah-Marie Cole, as well as conducted extensive research to effectively educate customers on mycellium (mushroom roots). Not many customers understand what mycellium is or they often associate mushrooms with a negative conotation. We had to strategically communicate that mycellium can taste and look like conventional bacon. My team and I positioned MyBacon as a visionary; it tastes like meat with simple ingredients in a fun way. Our tagline was “Why MyBacon? Because it is My-cee-lee-yummm!”. Pictured is a creative visual I drew to go along with our strategy. We presented our strategy for MyBacon CMO, Cole, and two branding experts. 

Peloton Executive Presentation (2021)

As part of the introductory business course at Skidmore, MB 107, I was tasked with creating a new strategy for Peloton that is both sustainable and will increase the company’s operating profit by 10% five years from the current. I was assigned a team of three other MB 107 students and had two upperclassmen coaches as advisors. My team and I came up with PelotonPack, a social media app exclusively for Peloton users to promote and share their personal fitness journeys. We realized that Peloton and other fitness brands only advertise one-type of body and are not inclusive of all body types. Through research and conducting surveys in our community, we developed a body positive platform that we pitched for a panel of executive judges. The presentation included our general strategy, marketing strategy and financial analysis.

From this project, I gained valuable skills in teamwork, leadership, self-confidence, presenting, and accountability. I enjoyed the creative liberty I had in thinking of a unique way to advertise and persuade customers to want to try a new product. I also had fun confidently talking about something I made from scratch and that my team and I pieced together from a web of our own ideas.