Photo by Gary Gold

Artist Statement

Photo by Lydia Huibregtse

Movement seeps out through the pores of my skin and evaporates into the thick air of integrity and truthfulness embedded in the shapes I create. My twists, melts, squiggles, shakes, stumbles, and turned-in positions, although deemed unnatural, pull out the innate intersection of animalistic and humanistic features that lie within all humankind. Rooted as central to my movement language is the spontaneity of instinctively awkward movement that we, as a perfectionist society, often try to ignore. Perfection is repelled by the natural body, so why do we repeatedly impose its framework into art? I contest this question daily through continuous artistic discovery and exploration. 

I move to create space for sincerity to flourish through flawed suspension, surrender, and passion. For the webs of human experience to reside in the articulation of the curves of my spine. For the release of my breath to still hold onto the unexpected realities of life. 

I move to immerse myself and others into a world so raw, splintered, and compelling, that it transcends the elements I aim to emulate.