Ava D’Eon

 Dancer. Choreographer. Dance Educator.

Photo by Alisdair Boyd



I am a dancer and choreographer from the Boston area. I am a senior Dance and Business major at Skidmore College, where I have worked closely with Professors Jason Ohlberg and Erika Pujič, as well as artists such as Peter Chu, Takehiro Ueyama, Brenda Way and Dexandro Montalvo, Monica Bill Barnes, and BalletX. During my time at Skidmore, I have taken several classes in performance and choreography, and gained skills in team management and business plan development through various projects. Most recently, I worked remotely as the Development Associate for The Dance Complex (where I interned last summer) this past fall. In my free time, I enjoy dancing with my grandma in my kitchen, playing with my dog, Giselle, and spending time with friends and family.

Photos by Gary Gold and Sofia McGowan

Photo by Gary Gold


Email: avagabd@gmail.com
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